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MBBI is the premier membership and trade organization in the Midwest for deal makers, business professionals, intermediaries, investors and anyone involved in buying, selling, financing or investing in small to medium sized businesses. Our sponsors are vital to MBBI’s ability to fulfill its mission and create value for its members. Consequently, MBBI is committed to providing its sponsors with the best opportunity to promote awareness of their services to its members and others involved in mid-market deal making in the Midwest.


Why become a sponsor?  Sponsorship will further expose your business and increase the networking opportunities within MBBI; Allowing your business to grow exponentially and become more closely associated with the face of MBBI.  However, sponsorship is exclusive to only active members of MBBI.


Each sponsorship comes with at least one MBBI membership. Sponsorship is offered for either Illinois, Wisconsin or in both states, providing you with the ideal opportunity to further expand your company’s reach and market. Contact Judy Pfeiffer at 847-847-7703 if you are interested in a multi state sponsorship. Please review the details of each sponsor level. 

Illinois - 2020 Sponsorship Brochure
Wisconsin - 2020 Sponsorship Form


Illinois sponsors
, please contact Tom Thomas at 847-444-8476, Art Mertes at 312-454-0311 or Joe Emerich 847-818-7510
Wisconsin sponsors, please contact Sadie Beauchamp at 262-893-8691.

Illinois & Wisconsin Sponsors

Here we go again. Our valued sponsors getting even more value out of the deal.

Illinois Platinum Sponsors

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