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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to buy an event ticket but can't seem to get to the checkout screen.

In certain rare instances, you may experience website elements not working as they should and this is likely due to a restriction on your web browser. For example, some bank systems and other enterprise workstation environments use restrictive internet access and firewalls which block javascript and certain web elements on all websites. If you are trying to navigate the MBBI website from such a network, you may experience issues and we cannot control this.

Solution: Try accessing the MBBI site from home or anywhere outside of the apparent restrictions of your work environment. If this is a time-sensitive matter, such as needing to purchase an event ticket, please contact Judy by email at or by phone 847-847-7703.

I just paid for my MBBI annual membership, now what?

Great to have you as a new MBBI member! As soon as your payment clears you will receive an email letting you know that your membership has been activated. One exception to this is “Additional Memberships," this needs administrative approval.

If you submitted a physical application, Admin will process your application and an email will be sent letting you know that your membership has been activated.

Once you are logged in as an MBBI member, you will have full access to member only areas and, enjoy member pricing on event tickets, post business listing, and edit your member profile as often as you’d like.

I purchased an event ticket — Where is my receipt?

You should receive an email receipt as soon as your payment is processed. If you did not receive a receipt by email, it may be due to your email software filing the receipt to your spam or junk folder. You may login to and view your invoices and payments in your member profile.

If you need additional help, please contact Judy by email at or by phone 847-847-7703.

How do I purchase multiple event tickets?

MBBI members: Our system restricts you to only one member-price ticket but you can add non-member priced tickets to your registration.

If you are not an MBBI member: Consider joining, you will receive member pricing, and you are able to purchase multiple non-member tickets. Simply choose the number tickets you’d like to purchase and continue your registration.

If you have issues with completing registration, please contact Judy by email at or by phone 847-847-7703.

I clicked on a link in an MBBI email, and I received an error in my browser, What do I do?

In certain rare cases, users receive an error when clicking on the “Register” button/link in MBBI emails. This is typically due to the user’s web browser being set to block what it perceives as pop-ups and/or “cookies”.

Solution: If you experience an error when clicking on the “Register” button in an MBBI email, simply navigate directly to the MBBI website ( and register for the event directly (vs. going through the register link in the email).

If you have issues with registering for an event when clicking on the register button in an MBBI email, please contact Judy by email at or by phone 847-847-7703.

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