MBBI offers members exclusive access to, the Internet’s largest and most heavily trafficked marketplace for businesses. BizBuySell currently has an inventory of over 50,000 businesses for sale, with more small business listings, the leading franchise directory, more unique users, and more search activity than any other service, along with one of the largest databases  (over 100,000) of sale comparables for recently sold businesses. Members not only get the chance to invest in thriving and sought after enterprises, but also in new partnerships. It’s like picking up a prosperous future at the corner market. 

Opportunity is knocking.

And knocking and knocking.

It’s MBBI at your door.

Add Your Listing

If you are a BizBuySell client and MBBI active member:

Step 1: Click Here to Begin and login.

Step 2: From your BrokerWorks summary page, go to ‘Networking Tools’ and choose the ‘Listing Distribution’ dropdown

  1. Click the ‘+’ link next to the MBBI logo

  2. Enter your MBBI login credentials in the form (MBBI login/password) and click ‘Verify’

  3. Upon verification of your active MBBI account, all listings will automatically be distributed to and you will see a green checkmark next to the MBBI logo in your ‘Listings Distribution’ list. (Your listings will appear on both sites,)

FYI: A member needs to have an account/login on both, BizBuySell and MBBI, in order to go through the above flow and set up the listings distribution.


If you are NOT a BizBuySell client and are only an MBBI member then you can set up a Limited Account. Your listings will only be distributed to


Step 1: Click Here to Begin. Use the “Not currently a BizBuySell BrokerWorks member” box on the right (you will need to enter your MBBI User Name and Password).

Step 2: Once logged in and your MBBI credentials have been verified, fill out all the required information for a limited account.

Step 3: Once you complete the limited account form, you will have the BizBuySell Broker Works Limited account and you can add all your listings which will be automatically distributed to


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